How Do I Fix An Airlock in Pipes?

Plumber Fixing Airlock in Pipes

Unfortunately, problems with water are a common part of everyday life. However, many issues can be fixed without needing to call out a professional. An airlock is one of those things that, with a little patience, you can try to fix yourself. What is an airlock? An airlock forms when air becomes trapped within your […]

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What’s Wrong With My Boiler?

Repairing a faulty boiler

A faulty boiler means freezing mornings, chilly evenings and bathing in cold water. If your heating system goes on the blink, banish the shivers by understanding what’s gone wrong. One in five boilers break down every year, and almost half of all new boilers will develop a fault within their first six years. Many of […]

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Stay Warm and Save on Energy Bills

Central Heating System

Here are some quick do-it-yourself tips to save money and keep warm. 1. Prevent Heat Loss There’s no point spending money to heat your house if the warm air then escapes through a hole or cold air gets in through it. So you need to find and block drafts coming through your windows, doors and […]

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How to unblock a sink

Plumber Unblocking Kitchen Sink

My Sink Is Blocked Help! There’s nothing worse than realising your sink is blocked; as the water refuses to go down it can begin to smell unpleasant and be a nuisance for anyone in the household to use. It’s a common problem but a surprising amount of people don’t know where to start when unblocking […]

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How Do I Fix a Leaking Tap?

Fixing Tap

How Do I Fix a Leaking Tap? A leaky tap is more than just an annoyance, it’s also a sure-fire way to run up costly bills and waste precious water. And if you don’t get it fixed early enough, that irritating drip can soon escalate and cause significant property damage. That’s why it’s best to […]

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