Why is My Boiler Pressure Too High?

Why is My Boiler Pressure Too High?

Your boiler pressure is an essential consideration when it comes to your heating system. Firstly pressure is a key part of how the central heating system works, and secondly because it can be a key indicator of potential problems leaking in your system. Understanding boiler pressure, what high boiler […]

We can repair your Broken Appliances

We now also offer a repair service for your domestic & commercial kitchen appliances!

✅ Washing Machines
✅ Dishwashers
✅ Tumble Dryers
✅ Hobs & Ovens
✅ Fridges & Freezers
✅ Gas appliances

For more information or to make a booking call us on 01273 701237 or visit www.bishops-group.com

Get your boiler serviced in October for only £50+VAT

Autumn is approaching and the evenings are getting cooler. Why not prepare for winter by taking advantage of our special boiler servicing offer?

Getting your boiler serviced regularly means you don’t have to worry about an inconvenient breakdown and a cold home this winter. A well maintained boiler will keep you warm and safe.

All our boiler […]