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Leaking pipes are very common, but they can also be incredibly serious. Even a pipe suffering from a minor leak can cause major problems for your property – which will be a lot more expensive to fix compared to getting your pipe repaired as soon as the problem arises. Call a specialist pipe repair plumber today and get it sorted out.

Pipe Repair

Common Problems with Pipes

Pipe problems are very common, and there are several problems that our plumbers encounter every day:

  • Leaking pipe
  • Dripping pipe
  • Burst pipe

Leaking & Dripping Pipes

Some pipe leaks are more serious than others. An emergency leak can flood your entire property in a short period of time, but minor leaks are also serious and need fixing.

Leaking sink pipe

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are common in winter when the water freezes and the pipe expands. But pipes can burst at any time of year. It’s best to focus on prevention, especially during the cold winter months, but accidents can happen – and you need to get them fixed fast.

Pipes can also leak for other reasons. Sometimes, pipes simply become old and weak, which makes them more prone to breaking. Roots of trees can also cause damage, and pipes that have been installed badly are more likely to break too.

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

We can repair pipes no matter how big or small the problem. We can also carry out routine maintenance to prevent problems from occurring in the first place and replace pipes that are damaged even before they start leaking.

If you have a burst pipe or leaking pipe, make sure you call us out right away for our professional pipe repair service. This is a plumbing emergency, and you should get it fixed before the water causes serious damage to your property.

It’s also a good idea to look out for the signs of a leaking or dripping pipe, which could include stains on the walls or low water pressure. If you notice any problematic signs, call Bishops Plumbers today and we’ll take a look.

Why Choose Bishops Plumbers for Pipe Repairs

We offer a 24/7 emergency service for pipe repair and any other plumbing emergency. Call us and we’ll send out an experienced plumber right away to get the problem fixed fast.

Our highly skilled plumbers have years of experience fixing pipes and dealing with other plumbing problems. We are friendly and professional, and we don’t charge any hidden fees. We also guarantee our work for six months for your peace of mind.

Call Today for an Expert

Please don’t delay if a pipe is burst or leaking. Call today for immediate assistance in Brighton and Sussex and we’ll get it fixed for you.

We also provide an emergency 24/7 plumbing service, so call us any time of the day or night. We look forward to helping you with all your pipe repairs.